Virtual Business Consulting


Virtual Business Consulting


Are you looking to open an online business but not sure where to start?

We can work with you to help you set up a strong foundation and get your business buzzing! 


Making the transition from the corporate world to running your own online virtual business can seem daunting.
All of a sudden you are on your own, no co-workers to brainstorm with, no sales department to find your clients, no one to help you with the workload. It can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to.


We want you to succeed.

Just like our project clients, we want you to succeed. We believe there is room for everyone in this online business world. We believe in community over competition. If you are struggling with starting your online business then sign up for our complimentary consultation. We’d love to chat with you to find out what you are doing and if we can help. 


Virtual Business Consulting

Our consulting services help you with the following:

Registering your business
Clarity around your services
Creating a business plan
Setting your pricing
Targeting your ideal client
Setting up your website
Client Contracts
and more.

Reach Us

Interested in our services? Then send us a message or set up a time for your complimentary consultation using the link below.

Vancouver, BC, Canada