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The Pros & Cons of The Pomodoro Technique

The Pros & Cons of The Pomodoro Technique

Developed in the late 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro Technique is a time-management tool which uses the classic kitchen tomato timer to break tasks down into bite-size chunks. Traditionally these periods last for 25 minutes and are followed by a brief break of three to five minutes.

But this not being the 1980s you may not have a tomato-shaped timer knocking around in your kitchen. It may now reside in the Thrift Store with your synth-pop vinyls, but fear not, as this being the 21st century there is indeed an app for that.

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Client Case Study – Rebecca Ching

Roche Online Business Services has been working with Rebecca Ching since May 2017. Rebecca is the Owner + Founder of Potentia Therapy in San Diego. She is also a leadership consultant and workshop facilitator and is in the process of launching her personal brand. We are very excited to be on this journey with her! Read on to find out more about Rebecca and the powerful work that she does…

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Productivity is paramount to running a successful business. But for the self-employed it can present a number of challenges as you juggle numerous clients with conflicting workloads and deadlines – then, of course, there’s your own business to manage. How can I cope?! Stay tuned, for help is at hand. The following five points will boost productivity, make you more efficient and hopefully bring some useful apps to your attention.

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Client Case Study – Wholelicious

Roche Online Business Services has been working with Wholelicious for over a year. Owner + Founder Andrina Tisi started Wholelicious back in 2011 after embarking on a journey that took her from working in the tourism industry in New York, USA to Yoga teaching and...

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Self Care for the Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur or Business Owner it can be incredibly hard to switch off from your business. Every minute not spent on your business almost seems unproductive. But it is equally important to take care of yourself and adopt some easy self-care...

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Why I became a Virtual Assistant

Hi, I'm Debbie, Owner + Executive Officer at Roche Online Business Services. Here's why I became a Virtual Assistant. Why I Became a Virtual Assistant After 10+ years of working in an office, I realized that I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Freedom is my...

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever wondered, what is a Virtual Assistant? As a small business owner, a Virtual Assistant (VA)  can help make your life a whole lot easier! VA’s offer professional administrative, technical and/or creative assistance from a remote location. We are here to help small business owners and solopreneurs like you, with those tiresome tasks that take you away from doing the work you love.

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