We have a diverse team of individuals who LOVE what they do and

LOVE to help small businesses thrive.

Who We Serve

At Roche Online Business Services, we strive to support business owners with a mission to make the world a better place (because that’s our mission too). We serve health + wellness practitioners, therapists, coaches, eco-fashion brands, social enterprises and non-profits. Small business support is our passion!

Our Vision

To help support and grew a strong community of online business leaders that work to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help online business owners with the day-to-day tasks of running a business allowing them to grow into inspirational leaders.

Our Values


Our top value is FREEDOM!

We love having the freedom to pursue our dreams and work from any location in the world (even though Vancouver, Canada will always be our home!)

To us freedom means we can work with whoever we want. We choose to work with like-minded social impact business or practitioners who are lovers, helpers and carers. We offer freedom to small businesses by freeing them of those tasks that they just don’t have time to do (or don’t enjoy doing!), or freeing them of managing projects that are important but too time consuming for an owner to fully take on.

We embrace freedom and we offer freedom.


We are open communicators. No question is a stupid question. We love to chat, check-in and find out more about our clients needs.

We offer complimentary (and mandatory) check-ins with our management and virtual assistant packages. It’s important that we are on the same page as our clients and that requires constant communication.

As a team, communication is vital as we want to support one another as much as possible. As a client, you are part of our team just as much as we are part of yours.


You are a busy business owner and we completely respect your time. Like you, we have realized how precious time is! And we certainly don’t want to waste a minute of it.

We will always be respectful of our clients needs however we require the same respect in return. This is a two-way relationship and both parties are accountable. Let’s work together responsibly.


We love being part of the online business community. You are our community and we are here to support you! Building relationships is our favourite thing to do. We are all in this together, with the goal to make the world a better place.

As part of the business community, we will happily communicate and share our knowledge and skills on a regular basis (hint – just sign up for the newsletter).


What is the point of anything if love isn’t involved? We strive to help our clients pursue their passions and live a life full of love.

As cliche as it sounds, love is everything. It’s the underlying reason of any action we take. We kiss someone because we love them. We eat and sleep because we love our bodies. We work because we love the work we do or we love our family and want to support them. We fight because we are passionate about something that we love. We believe that money is an exchange of love. We are exchanging our cash for a service that we love or for a service that we need but we need it to do something that we love. And we love because it’s the first thing we ever knew to do. Love actually is.

Our Services

Business Management

Get help managing your online business and virtual team.

Project Management

We can work with you to ensure you meet your project goals and stay on track with your project milestones.

Virtual Assistant Services

Let our team of Virtual Assistants take those tiresome tasks off your hands.

Creative Services

Need content, a new website or video + audio help? Our creative team are here to assist.

Meet the Team

Debbie Roche

Debbie Roche

Owner + Executive Officer

After 10+ years of working in an office, Debbie realized that she is an entrepreneur at heart. Freedom is her biggest value and she wanted to be able to work from home, travel and never have a limit on her income. Debbie also LOVES inspiring and helping others pursue their dream work. When she sees an entrepreneur who is passionate about what they do, she instantly wants to help. Debbie started as a Virtual Assistant back in May of 2016 and her small VA business grew pretty quickly. Realizing that as a solopreneur, she would only be able to serve a small amount of clients, she set out to create a business model where more small businesses could receive the support they need. In January 2018 Roche Online Business Services was born.

As well as having a vast administrative and customer service background, Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science as well as various courses in media and communications as well as Project Management from BCIT. In January 2017 she completed the Foundations in Digital Marketing at Red Academy.

Debbie was born in Scotland but has lived in Canada for the past 12 years. Alongside running a business, Debbie runs a podcast called DebTalks. She is also on the board of the Kitsilano Showboat and in her spare time (i.e. 7 am in the morning) can be found working out at her local barre studio, swimming at her favourite pool or doing yoga and trying to meditate.

Lorena enjoys getting to know organizations, seeking out their individuality and telling the world all about them. She is a social media savvy young woman with a flair for fashion and understanding for what makes a good story. She has five years of experience in the communications industry where she’s most recently worked in different project management roles and previously held the position of West Coast Coordinator at Dermalogica where she was in charge of managing the PR efforts for Vancouver as well as working at an award-winning Public Relations firm. Whether it is reading, writing, or creating stories, Lorena is doing it in both English and Spanish – her native languages.

Lorena Laurencelle

Lorena Laurencelle

Digital Virtual Assistant

Raffi Poulin

Executive Virtual Assistant

Having worked over a decade in public service, climbed corporate ladders in notable IT corporations, and having a passion for communication and journalism, Raffinée is our resident internet personality super-nerd. When she wasn’t running around in skyscrapers and legislative buildings in skirt-suits, she had spent a few years during the evenings developing her broadcasting career. She wants nothing more than to help our clients experience relief so that they can focus on where their true genius lies – their business!

Jazmin Sood

Jazmin Sood

Virtual Assistant

Jazmin was born and raised in Canada and currently lives in Vancouver. She has worked in administrative roles for over 3+ years in multiple industries like technology and public relations. She is currently a student at Simon Fraser University working towards her BA in Sociology and Communications with a focus in Media and Culture. Jazmin loves the outdoors, traveling and animals (rabbits and cats especially) and can be found cycling around Metro Vancouver or looking for the next travel destination abroad.

Brianna Beaver

Brianna Beaver

Virtual Assistant

Born and raised in Ontario, Brianna holds a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, loves crossword puzzles, and has a huge case of wanderlust. She’s a jack-of-all-trades and one of her favourite hobbies is trying new hobbies (closely followed by learning the basics of a new language). Her history stretches from barista extraordinaire to flautist and second piccolo, from office administrator/receptionist to forensic student, from amateur swing dancer to cancer researcher, and from chemical lab technician to virtual assistant.

Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Virtual Assistant

Karen is a librarian, website designer, writer, editor, artist and photographer. She is equally skilled in photo manipulation and records management (aka RIM). Equally comfortable on MAC and PC platforms, she loves to share insights and information through research and content development, assisting clients to save time and reduce frustration.

Taryn Hardes

Taryn Hardes

Virtual Assistant

Taryn is a digital marketer and content creator with a passion for storytelling. Her six years of experience in content marketing has included training in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Cleveland. Her portfolio includes a diverse range of content and marketing strategy, covering topics such as industrial instrumentation, HR and recruitment, home and lifestyle, education, fitness, food, and wine. Taryn is also passionate about social media (both for work and fun!) so you can find her snapping the perfect photo at any given moment, sometimes to the dismay of her friends and family.

Myles Ogilvie

Myles Ogilvie

Audio Engineer

Myles is a Audio Engineer, Musician and Sound Designer for Radio, Film and Video Games. With 5+ years of experience working with audio. Creativity is his general hobby including activities such as playing guitar, drums, bass, creating music and voice acting.

Rita Morales

Rita Morales

Web Developer

After leaving her corporate job and moving across the country four years ago, Rita Morales started creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind web designs. She is multi-talented as a designer and developer focusing not only on aesthetics but user experience and functionality.

Rita’s hands-on, personalized approach with each client helps them tame technology to take their brands, businesses and blogs from ordinary to extraordinary.

She’s a mom of two boys and loves hiking, kickboxing and yoga.

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