When people decide to pursue a self-employed career that harnesses the power and freedom of the internet, many will often associate that with what the sub-culture of digital nomads. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top best digital nomad cities!

A digital nomad is someone who combines their career and love of travel into one; working from anywhere and everywhere that has a solid internet connection. The most obvious choices for a career as a digital nomad involve digital marketing, virtual assistant work, public relations or freelance journalism.

The freedom that comes with not being tethered to a geographic location for work can be amazing. It’s most definitely an understandable aspirational dream for many.

Before you embark on your journey into the unknown, we have two tips to help you locate cities to work in as a digital nomad! First off, make sure you build a strong foundation of clients in your “home” city. By “home”, we’re referring to where you are presently working or studying, or the place where you have the strongest connections and networks. It could be the place you grew up in, for example. As with most things in life, once you’ve developed a solid client base, it becomes easier to get others.

Our second tip is to start off by choosing cities where you already know a person or two or if that’s not an option, to make it somewhere where you’d realistically be able to take the time to build meaningful connections with people in those cities. Having a connection or two may make it easier for you to find work and it never hurts to have someone show you around and help you get acquainted with your new home! 

Top 5 Best Digital Nomad Cities To Work In

This is a largely subjective topic; the draw will often be whichever lifestyle choices suit you, and many articles have criteria which rank cities based on their potential for work, cost of living, and of course, wifi and technology access.

With that in mind, we’ve selected five cities from five different digital nomad lists and elected to cover a total of, you guessed it: five continents! Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

So, in no particular order, here are five top cities to work in as a digital nomad…

Best Digital Nomad Cities

#1 Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand does extremely well on all digital nomad lists and repeatedly showed up while we were researching this topic. And how could it not: delicious food, endless entertainment a reliable wifi connections!

For more information on this city from the perspective of a fellow digital nomad, check out Nomad List.

Digital Nomad

By Barry haynes

#2 Cape Town, South Africa

Nicknamed Silicon Cape, Cape Town in South Africa is a well-established tech city with plenty of other things going on: stunning mountains, coastlines, beaches and great wineries. All in all, it’s a great choice and you’re bound to have a great adventure while working on the side!

Check out World Travel Guide for more information and links.

Best Digital Nomad Cities

By ReggaeWorld Costa Rica

#3 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Though Central America’s latin roots are more associated with the South American continent, geographically it is part of North America. Costa Rica, though not as cheap as you may think, is a wonderfully jungle of a country with friendly locals and a ton of expats. 

For more details, see no 8 on Success Agency’s list for this gem of a town and enjoy the rasta-vibes!

Digital Nomad | Roche Online Business Services

#4 Medellin, Colombia

Medellin gets highlighted on many lists, too, and what we like about its mention on Chris the Freelancer’s blog is that his research is based on both reading and first-hand experience. He notes that Medellin, and indeed Columbia, has come along way in recent years.

For more information and links, take a look at Chris’ blog.

Best Digital Nomad Cities | Roche Online Business Services

#5 Berlin, Germany

The German capital is a city rich in just about everything. Though price-wise it can be beat by many other cities in Europe, its top-level tech and entrepreneurial credentials, combined with great history, nightlife and restaurants, position Berlin as a bucket-list city for digital nomads.

Mr Digital Nomad has even more to say about this city if it’s piqued your interest!

We hope this post has inspired you and if you’re a digital nomad who needs extra online business support, get in touch with us to see how we can help!