A long-term client of ours, Jackie of Lace Brick Design, is the inspiring entrepreneur behind one of Canada’s coolest fashion labels. She created a lifestyle brand for the adventure-seeking female and designs jewelry, apparel, and camping supply to empower fearless females! Read on to learn all about her journey and why she decided to bring us on board…

Jackie, tell us a little bit about your business…

Lace Brick Design is a lifestyle brand for the adventure-seeking female. We design jewelry, apparel and camping supply to empower passionate adventurers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Based near the heart of the Rockies in Calgary AB, Lace Brick Design is dedicated to building strong community vibes and styling passionate, fearless females.

Lace Brick Design is most well-known for our Mountain Girl design which can be found on our popular sweatshirts, tank tops, and camp supply.

We are grateful for a tribe of 18.3k+ on Instagram and over 15.7k Facebook followers! Lace Brick Design even has an official hashtag: #ponytailsandmountaintrails!

Alongside our online shop, you can also find Lace Brick Design in 60+ stores across Canada.

Our latest successful endeavour, in response to demand from our devoted customers, is the launch of Baby Brick! Apparel for her wild heart: Baby Brick is a lil’ sister company of Lace Brick Design. A brand to style her little adventures with an adorable line of printed onesies, beanies, and bibs. Each piece is designed for little girls who are lucky to grow up in the adventure lifestyle – a way to express her {future} love of exploring, wilderness and the places she calls home. The Baby Brick line is created with one-of-a-kind, locally-designed prints. The simple, eye-catching designs are easily loveable and will make any little girl the cutest wherever she goes! Perfect for baby shower and birthday gifts, show those independent and strong baby girls some love with a sweetheart Baby Brick present! Baby Brick clothing goods are available in sizes NB – 18 mths. Style little girl adventures with Baby Brick!

Lace Brick Design LOVES being involved with community! We can be found setting up shop at local markets, holding workshops, contributing to local events, and collaborating with other amazing grassroots businesses. Our community members (dubbed the ‘Ponytail Posse’) are THE best around town and we absolutely consider each one of them a part of the Lace Brick Design family!

At what point did you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant?

We began working with Deb as our go-to VA when business operation demands became greater than hours in a day! The best move we made as a new business!

Why did you choose Roche Online Business Services?

Roche Online Business Services came highly recommended to us from our good friends at Buttercream Clothing. We are so happy to be connected!

In what way do you think that having a Virtual Assistant has helped your business grow?

Accessing VA services has enabled our energy and focus to be pinpointed to the areas that demand our particular expertise while contracting out other tasks that our wonderful VA accurately and professionally completes.

What has been the best thing about working with Roche Online Business Services?

The proficiency and ease at which tasks are completed. Roche Online Business Services completes any and all tasks asked of them in a timely and accurate manner. We are free to complete the rest of our to-list while streamlining and growing Lace Brick Design.

What would you recommend to other businesses who might be looking to hire a Virtual Assistant? What should they look for? How should they prepare?

Businesses, new or established, should look for a VA service that has a process-based approach with professionalism and a broad offering of services at a competitive rate.

What’s your main business goal for 2018?

Our main business goal for 2018 is maintaining our authentic and personable brand ethos while growing exponentially.

A huge thank you to Jackie for working with us and answering our questions. We are honoured to be supporting her vision to empower fearless females. To learn more about her brand and shop her products, visit her website at www.lacebrickdesign.com.

We hope you learned a little bit more about how a virtual assistant can help you and your business!

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