Roche Online Business Services has been working with Candice of Buttercream Clothing since May of 2016. Candice is the Owner + Designer of this amazing ethically made Canadian clothing brand and we are very excited to be on this journey with her! Read on to learn all about her values and why she decided to bring us on board…

Candice, tell us a little bit about your business

Buttercream Clothing is an ethically made clothing brand based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Share your mission, vision and values with us…

We value ethical manufacturing and stand behind the fact that you can have a successful business while doing the right thing socially.

At what point in your business did you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant?

In our third year we got so busy that everyday tasks became overwhelming.

Why did you choose Roche Online Business Services?

I found out about Debbie through a mutual friend and she came highly recommended.

In what way do you think that having a Virtual Assistant has helped your business grow?

By hiring a virtual assistant it has allowed me to have the time to focus on the things that are really important to me.

What has been the best thing about working with Roche Online Business Services?

Debbie is so personable, her organization and creativity and excellent customer service resonate throughout everything that she does.

What would you recommend to other businesses who might be looking to hire a Virtual Assistant? What should they look for? How should they prepare?

I would highly recommend to just try it out, even though letting go of parts of your business can be scary it is so worth it and you will wish that you did it sooner!

What’s your main business goal for 2018?

In 2018 I am hoping to delegate more of our admin work to keep on making exciting new designs and carry on growing the online business through our social media platforms.

A huge thank you to Candice for continuing to  work with us and for answering our questions. We are super excited to be supporting Buttercream Clothing and helping them achieve their business goals. To learn more about her amazing and ethically made Canadian clothing brand, visit their website and browse their items at

We hope you learned a little bit more about how a virtual assistant can help you and your business!

Rebecca Ching | Client Case Study | Roche Online Business Services
Rebecca Ching | Client Case Study | Roche Online Business Services