In a world of connectivity, devices, rolling news and constant updates the stream of information can sometimes overwhelm. Taking a virtual retreat, a break from technology, is essential for us to focus without interruption during the work day, and an extended break away from work is essential for us to recharge. However, with the fear of what we may miss sometimes holding us back–new clients, and great new contract, or important information–this is where a Virtual Assistant come to the rescue.

By working with a Virtual Assistant, and forming a trusting and strong working relationship, you can build a partnership that allows for essential time away from technology and enjoying cocktails in the tropics! Find out more on how to take a virtual retreat. 


The Importance Of A Virtual Retreat

A US study from 2016 suggests the average Smartphone user touches their phone 2,617 per day. That equates to 109 times per hour or, accounting for an average of eight hours sleep per day, 164 times per hour. That seems to transcend the need for communication and information access and enter the realm of obsession.

But there is hope… According to market research firm GfK, Canadians are among the world’s most empowered consumers when it comes to putting down our devices and just saying “no!”.


Four Reasons Why A Digital Detox Or Virtual Retreat Is A Great Idea

The following reasons for a virtual retreat were researched from a number of articles. The two main inspirations are this one from Becoming Minimalist and this in Silicon Republic. Each one lists more research papers and links, and ideas for a full 30-day digital detox if you feel like really switching off from the grid!


Reduce Stress & Improve Your Mental Health

The fear of missing out (Fomo) is, according to research, a modern psychological phenomenon that can be linked to the rise in social media channels and connectivity. While we agree this has amplified the issue, those of us old enough to remember a time before social media and hand-held devices will remember fearing missing out if, for example, all your friends were playing together while you had to remain at home to spend time with your family–what a drag!

It is well documented that putting aside Smartphones and resisting the urge to check Facebook, which leaves some people with feelings of jealousy, would help reduce stress levels, notions of jealousy and inadequacy and, therefore, promote better mental health.


Improve Physical Health

Text Neck, a condition resulting from spending too much time looking down at screens, is definitely a modern phenomenon. But anything you can do to get out and about and away from devices, especially if it’s physical exercise, will leave you feeling better physically and, most likely, mentally.


Boost Productivity & Creativity

As has been noted in the introduction, we are so distracted by our phones during our working day (I’ve used mine during the writing of this to check on sports scores! *reaches for phone, Google’s definition of irony*) that switching it off, muting it, and going back to it at two or three defined points in a day can refocus our attention and make us more productive and creative as a result.

Reduce Dependence On Technology

Do you remember when you could recall phone numbers from memory? This may not be the best example as our phones have rendered this mainly obsolete, thereby freeing up capacity to remember other information.

However, research states people refer to Smartphones and search engines to find recipes, answer to questions and directions, for example. An overt dependence on anything, technology or otherwise, is not a positive.


Hiring a Virtual Assistant To Aid a Virtual Retreat

There is seemingly an inherent irony in this sub-heading which could be interpreted as “stop your addiction and let us be addicted for you!”.

But this is not the point. By stepping away from technology, apps and devices which bare an unnecessary time-drain as a business owner you will become more successful. Your job is to focus on what is important, our job is to run and manage the technology to free up your time.

We at Roche Online Business Services employ this tactic ourselves. You may have noticed if you email us during the working day you receive an automated response to say that your email has been received and we shall reply within 24-48 hours. This is intentional as it allows us to focus on the tasks at hand, prioritize our time, and deal with inquiries and clients in a triaged manner.

This is proof-positive we practice what we preach, so let us help you help yourself. If you want to hire an Online Business Manager, Project Manager or Virtual Assistant–so that you can take a Virtual Retreat without worrying about your business suffering–contact us to book you complimentary consultation.