Defining what an Online Business Manager does is simple, but defining what that means to you is where it becomes tricker.

Below we will define clearly and succinctly our job description and its features and benefits.  Ultimately, however, our diverse skill set and time-management abilities make us a great compliment for small business owners who can often feel overwhelmed with myriad projects and tasks and their conflicting deadlines. Especially when these prevent you focusing on what only you can do in running your business. This usually boils down to strategy, new product lines, and ultimately, using your time as wisely as possible so you can be as successful as possible.

The Features Of An Online Business Manager

In essence an Online Business Manager takes on many of your repetitive and time-consuming management tasks; for example, operations management, project management, web management and analytics, and social media marketing and management. By taking these tasks off your plate we make you more productive. You delegate to us, and we’ll ensure it gets done. With these tasks and projects taken care of, you can focus on the parts of your business that only you can do. 

Here is an example of what an Online Business Manager can help with:

Team Management:

You signed up to work on your passion, not necessarily to manage people. Having a team is amazing but it’s a whole new responsibility! An Online Business Manager can help you manage and delegate to your team to ensure that projects and tasks are done on time.

Operations Management:

The day-to-day operations of running a business can be overwhelming for a solopreneur or small business. There is a lot to remember. From process documentation, to reporting, to payroll, an Online Business Manager can help you take care of all the small tasks and projects that need to get done in order for your business to run smoothly.

Social Media + Marketing Management:

Social media, for example, is a huge way to get your business seen these days, so it’s important to keep up with it. But writing posts, engaging with the community, fielding customer questions, and SEO optimizations are tasks that can be offloaded onto somebody else. As your Online Business Manager, we help oversee your social media strategy and ensure that all of the tasks required get done efficiently and effectively.

Project Management:

How about that one big data entry project that sits in the corner of your mind? You know, that one that gets bigger every so often (but never gets smaller), but there are always better things for you to focus your time and energy on? Give it to your Online Business Manager and let the stress of it vanish and the project get finished!

We are a perfect partner for solopreneurs and small business owners who are growing but do not need a full-time staff member to take on these many projects, nor want the bureaucracy of hiring an employee. By partnering with an Online Business Manager you can have your cake and eat it.

An Online Business Manager – Your Perfect Partner

In a nutshell that’s it – we are the perfect partner: flexible, adaptable, analytical and creative. We can be what you want us to be when you need it the most – what’s not to like about that?

Roche Online Business Services is dedicated to supporting your goals and achievements. Though it sounds cliched, your success is our success.

We’d love to chat over a coffee or beer or wine (see, we are adaptable!) to see how we could help you. We take the time and pride to get to know our potential clients and your business, as we can only fully succeed by treating your goals like our own.

And to mitigate any risk or cost to you, Roche Online Business Services offers a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you manage your business. It just gets better and better!