Roche Online Business Services has been working with Wholelicious for over a year. Owner + Founder Andrina Tisi started Wholelicious back in 2011 after embarking on a journey that took her from working in the tourism industry in New York, USA to Yoga teaching and holistic nutrition in Vancouver B.C. In 2013 she fully committed to her dream and left the tourism world to focus on Wholelicious. In 2014 she was called back home to Switzerland and has been building her health and wellness empire in the beautiful city of Zurich.

Andrina, tell us a little bit about Wholelicious

I teach and coach individuals and groups in Yoga, Health and Lifestyle. Wholelicious supports people to come back to their health and stay there. I incorporate different yoga and coaching principles including EFT and Essential Oils. Besides the weekly classes, I also host workshops and retreats as well as online programs.

At what point in your business did you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant?

I noticed that I kept spending a lot of time doing “back stage” tasks such as website updating, admin tasks and so on, and that my processes were not as efficient as I believed they could be. Also many technical things, like WordPress or other systems that I taught myself, started to take up too much time out of my day. I ended up working too many early mornings and late nights.

Why did you choose Roche Online Business Services?

The owner Debbie and I have been friends for quite a few years now, it was really important to me that the person who is helping me knows me, my values and my personality. Plus Debbie is a Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist herself so she knows my field. I felt that certain things didn’t need to explaining to her, she just got it.

In what way do you think that having a Virtual Assistant has helped your business grow?

My new website was a major project for us. As well as implementing booking tools and streamlining processes for events and individuals.

What has been the best thing about working with Roche Online Business Services?

My experience with Roche OBS has proven that they have been the right choice for me and my business, and to be able to delegate certain things has been such a big peace of mind. Plus I 100% trust Debbie and her team.

What would you recommend to other businesses who might be looking to hire a Virtual Assistant? What should they look for? How should they prepare?

Delegating is not only easy, I am still working on that. 😉 Being clear on what you need from your VA helps and saves time. Also don’t settle for the first one, if the fit is not right, move on. You have to be comfortable putting your business into their hands. Start with a few hours / tasks and see how it goes before you give them a major project to do.

What’s your main business goal for 2018?

To grow my business in a sustainable way, meaning not doing more but doing things that work better. Less is more.

A huge thanks to Andrina for working with us and for answering our questions. We are excited to be helping her achieve her business goals this year. To find out more about Wholelicious, visit You should seriously consider one of her amazing Yoga + Wellness Retreats in Zurich!